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Mar 18, 2021 Mar 18, 2021

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Hello everybody.
One of our clients using Acrobat Reader DC has some trouble opening PDF documents. A hand full of users have the same problem: They generate PDF documents from a billing software and display it in Acrobat Reader DC. The preview inside the software looks perfectly fine but once they open the document inside Reader DC all the characters get messed up and it becomes basically unreadable. Other PDF-Readers can display the same PDF document the way it should be. Browsers like Firefox and Chrome work just fine too. If said Users send the document to someone else either inside their organisation or outside their organisation (to me for example) the person can open and read the PDF. I checked the Versions of the Reader, they are all the same. Once the same document is sent back to the original user who generated it, that user will see the same weird stuff again. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Software already but that didnt help. Neither did it help to deactivate/activate security measure inside Acrobat Reader DC. I checked the font settings as well, inside Reader DC and on the local system but there is nothing wrong with that as well. The font used is Arial.
Another weird thing is that Arial text in size 10 (also bold) is displayed correctly (see bottom right corner of the picture) but non-bild Arial text in size 8 or 9 is getting messed up.
I attached a png file showing a part of the document.
I already followed the guidelines to fixing Acrobat Reader DC provided by Adobe but that didnt get me anywhere...
Might there be a problem inside the Registry? Is there anything i can try that i didnt do yet? Is this a known issue?

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