Comments are not saved in the Reader file I'm working with

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Jan 22, 2020 Jan 22, 2020

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On this latest version of reader for Android, comments made using the commentary tool bar are created, but are not saved in the document. This is ABSOLUTELY beyond frustrating. My work flow involves creating, reviewing, editing, and publishing engineering plans and documents. For as long as I've been doing it, up until now, my tablet would allow me to review and electronically comment plan sets that I transfer to my device, and KEEP those comments when i transfer them back.  It would automatically save the changes and i could direct action on my commentary when i redistribute the file. 

  I'm not going to use "the cloud" that you've decided to start pushing. As a governmental employee, I can't direct my agency to disregard our security protical and start using this platform. If basic the functionality of saving comments to the base file locally stored is "No Longer Supported", then i guess Adobe and i will have to part ways.  Which is too bad, as I've found your tool set for these purposes to be fairly robust. 

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