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Jan 05, 2017

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Hello. Let me first mention that I am unsure whether the issue is with Adobe Reader or with Google Chrome, but I had to ask somewhere first.

Since a recent update (around a month ago, I think) after downloading a PDF on my Android device, I get it to automatically open using Adobe Reader. However, while the file is saved in a default download location, the file which opens is located in a different folder, namely /data/user/0/com.adobe.reader/files/Download, under a name which is a 4-digit number, increasing by 1 with each successive download (oddly, the numeration, as far as I can tell, started from 1124). However, for whatever reason, I cannot access the /data folder by any other means (e.g. by browsing the storage using a computer or using Total Commander (let me mention that the /data folder is visible, but cannot be opened using the last program)). I am pretty convinced that the files stored there are copies and not e.g. some sorts of redirects to the files in the default download folder, since they work even after deleting the original files.

I am able to delete the files via Adobe Reader, but I can't tell whether they are actually deleted from there, or somehow they aren't just visible to the program anymore. My concern (apart from this being utterly annoying) is that the files unnecessarily occupy space.

Does anyone know of a way to stop Adobe (or Chrome?) from doing this?








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