I might be wrong - but can’t an easy way to scan a document and then delete sections and over-write!

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May 04, 2020

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Hello All! 

I'm not sure if I'm missing something - after recently signing up for an Adobe Pro subscription!


In essence, I want to only use one app to do the following:

1) scan documents with my iPhone and save them as pdf

2) erase areas of the file

3) over-write text on the erased areas above

4) automatically name files as YYYY.MM.DD (where the date is completed as the current date) 


Points 1) and 3) above work fine.


Point 2) seems a real pain, as I can't see any quick way of erasing unwanted elements from the original pdf! (I've been using a white coloured pen to manually erase sections by what, in essence, is a form of painting over. However, this approach is imprecise, time/consuming and caused problems later on - when trying to add new text.)


Point 4) - can't see an option to generate user defined names / batch names for the files. 


Please help me with the above and let me know if I'm missing something! (I've been using in parallel the PDF Expert app, and I personally think it's a much more intuitive and effective app, at a fraction of the cost of the Adobe equivalent.) 


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