iPadPro, iOS11, DropBox link flaky

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Nov 06, 2017

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Working with an iPadPro 12inch. iOS11.0.3. Latest Adobe Reader for iOS on it.

I have connected my DropBox account successfully and am using Adobe Reader to edit documents that I load into my Dropbox on a daily basis.

Worked great for a couple days, then all of a sudden Reader will not open a document that is in the Dropbox folder. I can see a list of current documents, but I get an error when trying to open one (this is from the Adobe Reader file browser)

Additionally, I can upload a replacement document to my Dropbox with the same same as one already there (that has been edited elsewhere) and Reader will still display the old version (unedited) when I open it from the Documents menu in Reader. I can even open the Dropbox app and click the new version there (which displays proper in the Dropbox app) and click the "Edit in Adobe Acrobat" icon and the old version will pop up in the Reader app Window!

The only remedy to all of this is to Reconnect Dropbox from within Reader by selecting "Connect Dropbox Account" from the menu and walking through the connection procedure again. This seems to refresh the connection and then I can open all the documents again and I get the proper edited document I was looking for before.

I have a regular iPad Air with iOS11.0.3 and I do NOT experience this issue. I have removed Adobe Reader and DropBox from the iPad Pro and reinstalled with no improvement. I still need to reconnect the Dropbox account almost every day.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix?

I am wondering if this Is somehow related to the mult-tasking feature of iOS11 on the iPadPro. (my iPad Air cannot do true multi-tasking because of an older processor)










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