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Nov 16, 2020

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I have adobe acrobat on my phone, I purchased the premium option and it says I am subscribed to Adobe Acrobat Premium--I can create, export, combine, organize, AND EDIT. However editing on the phone is limited as I can't move paragraphs of text around and I also can't copy the same font of the original text. Among other things the mobile version of editing isn't very user friendly, so I installed Adobe reader DC on my laptop as its the only one I was allowed to download without purchasing anything outright. I sign into the app and try to edit a pdf and it takes me back to the Adobe website telling me to download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC in order to edit my own PDF that I just sent myself. I go to the Adobe website and check my subscriptions to see if it still recognizes my premium subscription, it does, it says acrobat premium monthly plan--includes on service. I click access your service and it take me to the home page saying welcome to acrobat rueben, your Adobe acrobat pdf pack subscription let's you convert, sign, and share files online. NOTHING ABOUT EDITING INCLUDED. And in the top right corner it has the audacity to have a link for "try Adobe pro DC". This has been an hour long f****** nightmare and all I wanted to do was update my god**** resumé. F*** you Adobe, if I don't hear a response back from you I'm willing to file a lawsuit, class-action lawsuit, or just complain to the better business bureau because this is straight up b*******. I paid for a monthly plan that, among other things, let's me edit my PDFs. But when I load up Adobe on my PC with the very same subscription paid for, I can't edit on my laptop--only my phone. And my PDF is not being held hostage until I cough up another $8 for a separate app to edit that I shouldn't even f****** need.

Cancel subscription, Edit and export







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