Performance Lag due to loading Images in Document Library

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Oct 11, 2018

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My name is Dan and I work in a large orgnization. We utilize tens of thousands of the free Adobe Reader available in the iTunes store for iOS devices (11.4.2+ and 12.0.1+). We install reader typically via Apple Configurator, but sometimes through an MDM/MAM.

After the most recent iOS app release of Adobe Reader (18.09.14), there is extreme lag when attempting to scroll through the documents library. Note, our libraries contain atleast 200 PDF's. The lag appears to be caused by the app loading the first page of each document as a thumbnail.

Even after scrolling past every document to do an initial thumbnail load, the reader continues to experience the issue when revisiting previously loaded documents. The lag experienced makes the app borderline unusable, as the user would have to scroll-wait for 1-10 minutes just to locate a single file.

  1. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  2. Is the Adobe Reader team for iOS aware of this issue?
  3. Is there an estimated date to patch this issue?
  4. Is there a way to mitigate the problem in the mean time?

Thank you,

-Dan B








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