Problems with Adobe Acrobat (iPad) and Reader DC on Computer

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Sep 15, 2020 Sep 15, 2020

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Hello All,


I started class with two big PDFs - Workbook and Lab Manual.  I would open the books into the Acrobat Pro (with Premium) on the iPad to take notes, highlight, draw, in the workbooks.  No problem.  I would get an answer key PDF and I would go to Preview on my Mac and insert the answer key PDF pages into the big workbook, arrange as needed.  Since I'm doing it on the Cloud, bam, it's ready on the iPad in Acrobat.  Can see the workbook and the new pages added in.  All good.  This has been working since class started.


Then suddenly, when I did this (adding new pages in)  this week, I opened up the workbook to find the entire thing (200+ pages) blank with only the new couple of pages added showing.  


The workbook opens normally in Preview on different devices.  The workbook opens as blank with the couple of pages showing on the Acrobat DC on the computer.  So, it seems it's Acrobat having some issue with these workbooks that it had no issue with before.


Yes, I know you can combine right on the app, but it has not copied proper pages in the combining and it's really difficult to organize the pages of the new file (they show up at the bottom)  into the proper place in a 200+ page document.  The Preview method is faster and way less painful.

Since apparently paying for the "extra" features of Premium does NOT include tech support, I was told to post here.  Has anyone experienced this?  Any fixes for getting it to go back to how it was doing it just last week?


I really need this working for my class, which has a lot of "drop these files into the workbook" for homework and such.


Thank you!!!


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