Problems with video and links inside PDFs on mobile

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Aug 24, 2017

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Having a hard time to make links in PDFs to work on mobile (with the goal to create PDFs with fullscreen video).

Have tried different ways to achieve this:

1. Embed video.
Can't get it to play in acrobat reader on Android, but works with other readers.
But it's impossbile to make it work in full screen. (Would be nice if you added that option in the future..)

2. Create a link to a external file (the video)

Won't work at all on mobile but works fine on PC ( a bug or a security issue?)

3. Attach the video to the PDF document and create a link to it.

Seems impossible to make a link to attachments other than PDFs. But maybe it ain't supposed to work his way.

4. Attach another PDF with video in it.
Created another PDF with the video in it (making it as big as possible), then attached this PDF to the original PDF and in th eoriginal I created a link to attached PDF.
Works fine on PC but link is completly ignored on mobile... Since to document is attached inside the PDF it's hard to see way this shouldn't work.

(It is also possible to find the attachment in the Acrobat reader on mobile and manually open it, but that wont be that user friendly.)

I have also tried to make a link that jumps to another page in the same document and that actually works fine on both plattforms..
It also works to open a web URL but the our customer needs it to work offline so this isn't an option.

I use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017 version (Continuous) 2017.012..20095 to create PDFs
Acrobat Reader version on Android 7.0 to view PDFs.

Does anyone have any advice on how to make it work??








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