Sharing, Tracking & Managing your PDFs becomes much easier with Adobe Acrobat Reader Mobile

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Apr 09, 2020

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You can easily determine a file's share status and get a real-time notification using Acrobat Reader Mobile App.


Sharing & Reviewing Files

Sharing view-only files (free ) or sharing files for review (subscription) so that recipients can comment and markup files


  • Share user interface and feature set that's similar across the desktop, web, and mobile devices
  • Easy controls for creating, participating in, and managing reviews
  • Real-time notifications of file views, changes, and participation as well as support for @mention tags


Share and Review tags

You can easily determine a file's share status since the app’s file lists indicate whether a file is simply Shared (view-only) or in Review.






                                              For Android "Shared “by you” and “by others”  





                                              For iOS “Share and Review tabs”



Get Started with Review: -


  • Initiating a share or review:  Sharing a file is easy, and you can track and manage the share from your mobile device, the desktop, and the web. You'll receive push notifications when reviewers participate.

See details here: for Android | iOS 




  • Sharing files or links:  Share options also include sharing a copy of a file or sharing a link to the file.




  • Reviewing files: The review feature allows you to add comments and annotations, edit comments, reply to comments, and receive notifications when there is activity on your thread comments. When you receive a review invitation email, click the link. Clicking on a link in 3rd party mobile apps automatically opens the Acrobat Reader in the review.




  • Working with comments

When you tap on a comment, the app shows the edit tools. From here you can:

  • Open the complete comment list.
  • Resolve comments (mark as read).
  • Edit the color of your own annotations.
  • Delete your own comments.
  • Edit your own comments.
  • Navigate through the comments.
  • Reply.




This Android and iOS Guide will further help you to understand more about “Working and Navigating Comments”.



Managing reviews: -


While you will receive a notification when reviewers view and comment on your file, you can actively monitor and track reviews online or from the desktop.

Once you've shared a file, you can track and manage that share. From any file list, select a file and use the right-hand pane to perform an action.

To manage a review when a document is open, simply click Pic8.png the or simply tap Pic9.png  

Features include:

  • Send reviewers a real-time message. Messages are received as notifications
  • View the reviewer list and how many comments each reviewer has added
  • See who has viewed the file and when
  • Add reviewers
  • Unshare files and delete reviews


How these Features works? To get into the details click here for Android | click here for iOS







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You can do more in Adobe Reader Mobile if you have an Acrobat Pro DC subscription.





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