Adobe Acrobat Links/Hyperlinks not working on IOS.

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Apr 25, 2020

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Hi there. I create many fillable forms at work that clients can complete on their laptops or iOS. I use buttons with actions such as opening a webpage or just generally adding links or attachments. This used to work flawlessly and still does on laptops, but now have noticed that it can't be done on iOS using the standard Adobe Acrobat app. We are getting many complaints. 

Why has this changed?  If it ain't broke don't fix it I say.  The way I create forms is still the same and as mentioned it used to work on iOS but no more. Ive read in some posts to open in the Books app which sometimes works, but not consistently and the problem is that most wouldn't know about that. There was also a blurb on URLs not being recognised as such on iOS nowadays, but how can that be and why did it work in the past?  This is a silly explanation or amendment made by Adobe if that's the case. 

One would  assume that using the Adobe Acrobat app on iOS to read and use the functionality of an Adobe PDF document should work, but it doesn't. Can someone please give me a simple solution. Do I need to change anything when setting up the document, what is different to before, how can this be fixed? Please help, urgently. Thanks in advance. 

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