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Sep 17, 2020

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We are into manufacturing of CNC machines and fall into OEM category. In our CNC machine we have Industrial PC on which "Windows 10 IOT enterprise LTSB" is installed. I want to display PDF files hence opted to use "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC". After learning Distribution license is required, I had requested for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC License and my request was approved.  

While going throught the agreement copy following points came to my notice.
1. Acrobat Reader should not be installed on embedded OS.
2. Adobe Acrobat Application available only for installation. 
3. Its updates should not be disabled.
I could not locate the above information while applying for license.

So my queries are
1. Can I install the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC & use runtime to display PDF files on "Windows 10 IOT Enterprise LTSB"?
2. Since we create custom image of OS along with CNC application for production. Can Adobe Acrobat Reader DC be included as preinstalled part of OS image?
3. Our CNC machine application is Human Machine Interface(HMI). Hence, considering performance, we disable all updates. Do I need to apply for any other license for all above requirements?
4. Is there any other alternative of displaying PDF files?

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