Adobe Reader Distribution License - Questions concerning the License Agreement

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May 11, 2020

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Hello together,


I am a project manager for a medical company that builds a device for coagulation measurements. We plan to integrate Acrobat Reader DC onto every device, so we want to apply for a volume distribution license. The software runs in Kiosk mode, and the user will be able to call the Acrobat Reader directly from the software.


Reading through the license agreement, there are a few issues that I need to clarify before applying:

- 2.4(B) requests the distributor to cease all reproduction of older versions after new versions of the Reader become available. This is undesirable for us since it would require a minor revalidation each time an updated Reader versions comes out. The license says that it is possible to avoid this if approved by Adobe in writing or email. But how to get this approvement?

- 2.5(C) poses a similar problem, as we would like to prevent all automatic updating on the device, including the Reader. Is this allowed?

- 2.5(F)(1) is unclear to me. The user can call Acrobat Reader from the software by clicking on a menu item. Are we allowed to put an Acrobat Reader logo on this menu item?


Thanks for any help provided!








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