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Feb 22, 2020

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I have read several posts about this highlighter issue. It seems like the adobe highlight tool is now sometimes over text (when the document was made with text) and is sometimes a free-form circle that draws like a marker, wherever your cursor goes (when the document is merely an image scan).


Fine and well. What I have not seen in any of the posts is the recognition that, when the freeform option is used, it will sometimes "straighten" itself out after drawing (this is very nice!). I have noticed this only happens when the original highlight line was straight enough to begin with.


It is frustrating to have some straightened highlights and some not. The point of a highlight is to help guide the eye for later reads and improve readability, not to create a distracting scribble of color on the page. It seems clear that the highlight tool is capable of straightening out the freeform drawing in at least some cases. Is there really no way to tell adobe to do this (even when my hand cannot get quite straight enough across the entire line of text)? It would be very nice if that could be added to the next version or to an update if it is not currently possible.


Thank you.

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