Error presented before viewing an AIP protected .pdf file.

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Mar 11, 2020

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As you may know, Microsoft and Adobe have partnered to provide a plugin for Adobe Acrobat (DC and Reader DC) to use Azure Information Protection (AIP) (see

I have successfully configured everything.  Things are working as expected.  They're not smooth sailing with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC's plug-in.


Start a new email > Attach a AIP protected PDF file > send email externally > Recipient downloads the protected file, gets the error after they input their email address to consume the license.  User gets an error that s/he does not exist in that tenant.  After closing out the window the file is viewable.  This issue presents itself in Mac as well.  After closing out the error, I could view the files.  This does not happen when we use FoxIt Viewer or AIP Viewer.


Track and revoke works just fine in all scenarios.  When I revoke access, I cannot view the content of the file, so I know permisisons are working just fine.


Here's the exact error message: Selected user account does not exist in tenant 'Adobe Inc' and cannot access the application 'cad2910c-3b55-4610-ba7e-dda581063c91' in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. Please use a different account.

PDF-AIP error.jpg


Adding the user in our tenant does not resolve it.  It appears "Adobe Inc" is the tenant it is referring to.  The email address I have used are @gmail, @yahoo, and, and both gmail and yahoo were registered with Microsoft.  


When opened by someone at Microsoft, using their account, it opened without any errors.  This, by design, should be allowing anyone with an AAD or Microsoft account access.  It is, if you close out the error.  But why do we get this error with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC only?  We do not encounter any issues when opening the .pdf files using FoxIt Viewer or AIP Viewer.  Acrobat Reader, although it works with a workaround, presents the error you see above before allowing you to view the file.  Upon closing the error window, you can view the content.  And lastly, yes, both the Acrobat Reader and the Adobe AIP plug-in are up to date and recent.

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