issue moving from 15.006.30033 to 19.021.20058 with color management

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Aug 31, 2020

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. The translator is only recognizing the first colortbl definition.

The way it works when translating RTF to a PDF file: If the version of Adobe doesn’t recognize colors, it will skip all of the color definitions. This new version recognizes the colors and the old version does not.

The Issue:

1. The program loads is this order, an rtf coversheet that is stored in cernuser into the buffer
2. Translates out the PowerNote which is already formatted with Rich Text
3. Then Concatinates the 2 pieces together.
4. Then Concatinates the signatures.

1. From the Coversheet – which is the first instance of the colortbl.

So, c1 position is black, c2 position is blue, and c8 position white.

2. The PowerNote switches to a different colortbl definition that isn’t being recognized. It’s just seeing the first definition:


So on the PowerNote colortbl:

c1 position is white, and the c2 position is black. So, everywhere in we want to use black text, it is showing up as blue because it is actually seeing the c2 position on the Coversheet table above.


ARe there color management prefs that need to be set going from our old release to the new release



Color policy settings notes that I still had on hand, these came directly out of the Adobe Acrobat document at the time:


RGB, CMYK, And Gray    (Gray option is available for Photoshop only.) Specifies a policy to follow when bringing colors into the current working space (either by opening files or importing images into the current document). Choose from the following options:


Preserve Embedded Profiles Always preserves embedded color profiles when opening files. This is the recommended option for most workflows because it provides consistent color management. One exception is if you’re concerned about preserving CMYK numbers, in which case you should select Preserve Numbers (Ignore Linked Profiles) instead.


Convert To Working Space Converts colors to the current working space profile when opening files and importing images. Select this option if you want to force all colors to use a single profile (the current working space profile).


Preserve Numbers (Ignore Linked Profiles)  This option is available in InDesign and Illustrator for CMYK. Preserves color numbers when opening files and importing images, but still allows you to use color management to view colors accurately in Adobe applications. Select this option if you want to use a safe CMYK workflow. In InDesign, you can override this policy on a per-object basis by choosing Object > Image Color Settings.


Off        Ignores embedded color profiles when opening files and importing images, and does not assign the working space profile to new documents. Select this option if you want to discard any color metadata provided by the original document creator.


OFF  is the setting we used, we turned off all color profiles embedded in documents (naturally by a scanner processing)  and used a global profile for her web pages. 

There is another switch that says use the “site default”…that is only in the registry, if I remember correctly.



and Thanks for any chelp


Bryan Webb


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