Mac Acrobat reader Bug: clicking on another tab redirects me to alternate acrobat reader window open

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Mar 29, 2020 Mar 29, 2020

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Hello all, 

To put it simply and aid you in reproducing it:

I have at least 2 full size windows of reader open with multiple tabs of pdfs in each. I am working in window A for example. I click on another tab in window A but get redirected to window B. When i trackpad swipe back to window A, the tab has changed like i inteneded it to. I have endured this bug for a while now but it is very very irritating so I would like to put this out here in case the developers could take a quick look at this. 

The same happens if i were in window B and try to change to another tab in window B (ie i get taken to window A) and by the time i manually swipe back to window B, the tab change has gone through as i originally wanted. 

Take care!

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