Mouse Events in Active X controls like Adobe PDF Reader in Visual Studio c#

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Aug 19, 2020

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So, Adobe PDF Reader is an activex control mean't to be used by developers in their own programs.  I am developing a Windows Form App in Visual Studio.  One can easily drag the Adobe PDF Control onto a form and integrate it into the program.  The problem is it has very few events, such as typical mouse events.  Events like mousedown, mouseenter, mousehover, mousewheel, mouseclick and mousedoubleclick.  So I ordered Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 expecting an activex control similar to Adobe PDF Reader but more endowed with events like those I just listed.  I am not sure there is any Adobe activex control with these events.  Can someone provide guidance as to whether this type of Adobe Acrobat control exists and where or how can I expose it.  Thank you very much for reading and contemplating this request.  Thanks dy3







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