MS Intune app configuration policy for Adobe Reader for PDF iOS issue

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Jan 06, 2021

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I've already looked at the following document.


We are deploying Adobe Reader for PDF to iOS devices, VPP and Apple App Store versions.  We are also using the Intune App Protection policies which are built in to Intune for Adobe Reader for PDF.

My question is pertaining to using both the App Protection policies in conjunction with a configuration policy and it seems like we are having issues with the configuration policy not applying.

The following is a sample using the Configuration Designer format :

Name:  Acrobat Reader iOS Store App

Device enrollment type: managed devices

Targeted App:  Adobe Reader for PDF iOS Store
Deployed to all users

allowOpenFromManagedToUnmanaged | Boolean | false
allowOpenFromUnmanagedToManaged | Boolean | false
allowGoogleDriveToBeTreatedAsManaged | Boolean | false
allowDropboxTeamsToBeTreatedAsManaged| Boolean | false
allowDocumentCloudFSAndServicesAccess | Boolean | false
I've also tried to add the following to the same config profile per MSs instruction, but this seemed to make it so you can not log on and forces the "intune" flag in Adobe stuck on and makes it impossible to log on with your Azure credentials.  Just putting those here for reference.
IntuneMAMUPN | string | {{UserPrincipalName}}
IntuneMAMDeviceID | string | {{deviceID}}
In the first set of configuration/values above, I don't know if they are working.  If I remove the configuration policy assignment and just leave in place our App Protection Policy, I don't see any differnce in behavior.  For example due to my app protection policy stating I can only save a work document to OneDrive and SharePoint, I'm not able to save a document to the Adobe Document Cloud which is good.  With the app configuration policy re-enabled, I don't see anything different.  
Would there be anything I can test to make sure the configuration policy settings are actually working and it isn't just my App Protection Policy handling the protection?
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