"Fill & Sign" suddenly not working correctly

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Jun 14, 2020

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I'm using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and several years ago I created a simple, one-page PDF form that I use for work-related agreements. I send the form to others for them to print name, sign name and date it, and then they send it back to me and I click "Fill & Sign" to sign, print name and date it. It's always worked fine, never had a problem. But recently when when someone has signed, dated and sent the form back to me, I suddenly can't sign the document myself. I click "Fill & Sign" as usual and then I click the line where I want to print or sign. The blue shaded box appears and a blinking cursor, but it won't let me type anything into these fields. I'm flummoxed. I'll admit I'm not very Adobe/computer savvy, but I've done this hundreds of times and it's always been simple. When I open a document, the "Fill & Sign" option is there on the right side, as it always is. But now when I click on it, the "Sign" button/logo at the top center of the panel is sort of faded/greyed out, as if it's not operational. Not sure what has changed because I've not changed the form/document itself. Any advice? Thank you.

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