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Jan 08, 2021

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Hoping for some assistance with this.  


We have a client who's discovered some documents that throw this error once they hit the second page.  

These are pdfs created by a different pdf product...   They open in that product without error.  They open in MS Edge, and Google Chrome without error.

And the most strange thing, I accidentally clicked 'combine files from the toolbar on the right side of Adobe Reader DC... and once that has happened, the document is displayed correctly.


So... that shows me that Adobe reader is capable of displaying the document correctly.  


One solution I've found is to pdf print the pdf files.  This works, but seems like an unnecessary step especially if the program is capable of reading the document if 'combine files' is clicked.


There are no updates available for adobe reader.  Is there any kind of font pack I could install to avoid this error?


The first attachment shows the error.   The second attachment shows what happens if the file is opened with edge/chrome... The next time it's opened in adobe reader dc, it loads part of the page.


The third attachment I blurred shows the page loading correctly after having clicked 'combine files' and then closing the pop up before selecting any action.  


Again, this seems to be the most strange part to me because it shows that reader DC is capable of displaying the document correctly.  Which in turn points to there being an issue with it.  


Thanks for any input.

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