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Don't return Export Value..?

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Mar 15, 2019 Mar 15, 2019

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Hopefully I can explain this issue well enough

I have a multi layered form that feeds data to various sections depending on the kind of trading error someone had made.  One of the layers is a "notification" layer to alert the order execution desk to correct an erroneous market trade.  I have an "error" table and a "correction" table so it is clear what the operators have to execute and what they need to fix.

When completing the "error" table, the user will BUY or SELL from a dropdown.  I have the export values in this dropdown set as the opposing action, so the "correction" table will automatically show (for example) a SELL if a BUY is selected from the dropdown.  This is all fine, but I now need to show the raw values in the body of an email (upon submit via javascript) for the order execution team so they do not need to waste time opening this massive PDF for a small part of a process - and also a time sensitive one.  Everything is coming across fine, aside from my trade direction from the dropdown (buy or sell).  It always returns the export value instead of the selection made in the dropdown.  I tried taking the valueAsString off and it worked the first time, but then I did it for the whole table and now I am getting [object Field] returned.

Is there a way I can tell it to ignore the export value and bring me back the actual selection / text in the field instead?

Thank you!


Acrobat SDK and JavaScript , Windows






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