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Invoking a generic print command via plugin problem

New Here ,
May 10, 2020 May 10, 2020

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EDIT: Nevermind. I got the PretonSaver app to work how I need it to. This issue is resolved.


I'm using an Acrobat plugin called AutoMailMerge from Evermap to merge Excel data into PDFs and print them. The plugin developer says it calls a generic black box print command from the plugin and that the plugin has no control over print settings, yet when I try to run actions created with his plugin not all the settings stay the same as my last used print settings. In particular the "save ink/toner" feature is unchecked when running actions with his plugin, but if I manually print something with it on then run a generic print action from Acrobat the save ink/toner feature stays on. It seems to me this is a problem with his plugin, but he is insisting it is not.

I tried buying a program called PretonSaver, which is an ink/toner saving program that sits between the printer que and the print dialog box from Acrobat (or whatever program you are printing from). You basically tell it what amount of ink savings you want and it automatically works in the background whenever you print. I tested it with a manually printed document and the generic Acrobat print action and it worked fine. When I run the AutoMailMerge action absolutely nothing gets sent to the print que. I'm positive this means that AutoMailMerge is the problem. I'm hoping to find a second opinion here. Anyone have any insights/suggestions? I would be willing to pay someone if they can help me sort this out.

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