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Many permissions are not honored as part of AVDocPermRequest callback DATA LEAK

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Oct 11, 2020 Oct 11, 2020

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I am specifying the AVDocPermRequest callback as part of the _t_AVDocOpenParams during opening of a pdf document. Even though the callback is called for some of the operations like edit, annotate.. Some of the permissions are not being accessed or honored by most of the adobe tools as well. 


Few scenarios which are failing:

  1. PDPermReqOprOnline was working till the latest release and the adobe cloud was being disabled for the document, in the latest release even this is not honored, the upload to cloud and share a link are active inspite of denying this perm
  2. PDPermReqOprUIemail was working in one of the old releases of Acrobat probably 2017, never seem to work on the latest DC release, i.e., denying this permission is not disabling the email option.
  3. Never could get compare and combine tools to disable its options inspite of denying all the permissions. User can easily extract pages and create new PDF these permissions are not honored at all.


We are creating a plugin where in secured documents are being opened (Encrypted accessed through Acrobat File system API). These permission callback seemed an effective way to prevent data leak of the document. However, they seem to be broken and data is being leaked. 

Need an effective alternative stop the user from making an alternate copy by disabling share, upload to Adobe cloud and Preventing the data leak which exists in Compare and Combine tools.


Thanks & Regards,

Acrobat SDK and JavaScript







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