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Need help figuring out how to get my spawn pages only to show numbers that count up.

New Here ,
Aug 16, 2018 Aug 16, 2018

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I can't seem to find exactly what I am looking for. I have document that is two pages long with the second page being a hidden template. When the submit button is pressed on the first visible page a second page is spawned in between the first page and the hidden second (thus making the hidden template page 3). I am trying to figure out how to affix a "1" in a text field on the spawned page and then count up from there as the user completes the form and spawns more pages.

So it Starts with: P1, (Hidden P2).     But I'd like it to be: P1, Spawned P2 / #1, Spawned P3 w/#2, Spawned P4/#3, etc, Hidden Template page

First Page.pngHidden Template.png

Acrobat SDK and JavaScript






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