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Validation Script for Adobe Form: Entry must be bigger than another field.

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Dec 21, 2021 Dec 21, 2021

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Basically, I have a form for logging mileage. 


Currently, drivers manually enter their starting mileage for the month into a "Starting mileage" field, and then daily ending mileage into a column. The form autopopulates the largest number in the column into another field labeled "ending mileage for the month".  


I would like to set up the form, so that if someone puts 15 miles at their starting mileage, and then 10 miles as their ending mileage, they get an error saying that their ending mileage cannot be smaller than their starting mileage. I would also like it to pull from the "Starting miles" field that is manually entered for the first day of use, so they can't put something smaller than the number they entered before.


Something like this:


Day 1: 10 
Day 2: 35 

Day 3: 5 <- error saying that their ending mileage cannot be lower than the starting mileage

Acrobat SDK and JavaScript







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