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May 11, 2020 May 11, 2020

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DO people realize ADOBE only allows positive comments to be posted on their forum, show me a post or complaint that is negative and that has been on this site? You cannot critize anything without them/ adobe removing it and having there loyalist condemn whatever is being said ....

This company is the most biased and most unprofessional when it comes to customer service.....support is limited, they are inefficient, and if you do not conform to their request they close the case without your consent....lol THIS COMPANY is the WORST When it comes to support. Reconsider before you subscribe to their services.... ONCE YOU PAY YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN THEREAFTER.....


TRULY some of the worse people working in CUSTOMER SERVICE here.....

I post and they remove my post but little do they know, I can keep coming back to share my experience.....and secondly There are many other forums that i can also express how much they lack in their services.....

Luckily for people in this ERA of society we have social media, and regardless of them blocking or removing posts eventually, I have many other mediums to express what they are!



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