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Cache breaks Adobe embed PDF API

New Here ,
Oct 05, 2021 Oct 05, 2021

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I have a very piculear problem.


I want to use the Embed API in my web application and went trough the process of installing it getting the credentials etc.


I have a list of  items each with its own drawing (can be the same drawing can be different)

When i click the button "View Drawing" in my application it open quickly without much problems. but when i close the Boostrap model and try to click an other "View Drawing" the drawing just is not loading at all. 

After some debugging i think its related to some files Adobe's javascript file caches. since this is all hosted on Adobe's website i can not find the root cause. 

The funny thing is when i try to use Chrome incognito function i have no problems at all.

Any idea on how to solve this?

Please find below how i have implemented the adobe preview file. this is called everytime i call "fetch document link from my api"


                            link = baseAPILink + ajaxResult.substring(2);
                                var adobeDCView = new AdobeDC.View({
                                    clientId: clientId,
                                    divId: "objectcontainer"
                                        content: {
                                            /* Location of file where it is hosted */
                                            location: {
                                                url: link,
                                        /* Pass meta data of file */
                                        metaData: { fileName: link.split("/").slice(-1)[0] }







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