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Document Generation API not responding with Azure BLOB storage

New Here ,
Sep 20, 2023 Sep 20, 2023

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I am trying to use the Document Generation API from Adobe, using a external storage (blob storage azure) I am following the guide, but am receiving no response when I post to the API

I am trying to use the Document Generation API from Adobe, which takes request body:


  "input": {
    "uri": "",
    "storage": "BLOB"
  "output": {
    "uri": "",
    "storage": "BLOB"
  "params": {
    "outputFormat": "pdf",
    "jsonDataForMerge": {
      "customerName": "Kane Miller",
      "customerVisits": 100,
      "itemsBought": [
          "name": "Sprays",
          "quantity": 50,
          "amount": 100
          "name": "Chemicals",
          "quantity": 100,
          "amount": 200
      "totalAmount": 300,
      "previousBalance": 50,
      "lastThreeBillings": [



This is the example shown by Adobe, except I have changed the storage to Blob as I am using Azure. I have made 2 blob storage containers, one contains the template in word format, and the other a blank storage for output. For the request body input, I have generated a SAS Token and URL, and put the URL in the uri request for the input. For the Output, I have generated a SAS token of the empty container, and put the URL in the uri request. When I try to post this data, It doesn't return anything. Am I understanding the input and output of the request body wrong? why am I not getting any response from the API?

I have already added the correct Header params, of authorization and x-api-key 


Document Generation API , General , PDF Services API , REST APIs






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