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DOCX Cannot be converted to PDF

New Here ,
Sep 21, 2023 Sep 21, 2023

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NOTE: I had made a prior post here: 
Re: Document Generator API Timeout - Adobe Support Community - 14099256
addressing this issue but there have been some developments so rather than reply to the same thread with each development I thought I would create a new post. 


The Problem 

The issue I am facing is related to both 'Document Generation' and 'Create PDF' services.

Essentially, I am trying to use Document Generator with a large .docx file and some JSON to create dynamic content in PDF format (its intended function)

The issue I am encountering, is a status of 504, shown here when attempted through the Postman Collection:




I have had success using Document Generator on smaller files so it doesnt appear this issue is universal but the templates I am dealing with will all be fairly large in size so I need to ensure the Document Generator can handle these types of documents. 


What have I tried

I attempted to bypass the issue by allowing Document Generator to output another .docx file and then simply convert it to PDF using Create PDF. I did this by specifying outputFormat in the JSON like so:




Document Generator was able to output a docx file that reflected my specifications, however when I went to take this output and run it through Create PDF I was met with the same 504 error


Additonal Info

The template I am having issues with had previously been run through a similar tool to Document Generation called Seismic. I thought maybe the leftover Seismic tags were causing an issue but even after completly removing them from the template the issue persists.



There appears to be a problem converting large .docx files to PDF using either Document Generation or Create PDF services. Please advise and thank you. 

Bug , Document Generation API , PDF Services API






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