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Node.js wrapper for REST APIs

Adobe Employee ,
Aug 15, 2023 Aug 15, 2023

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If folks are interested, I've got a Node.js *opinionated* wrapper for the REST APIs. It does a few things I particularly like:


* Combines the upload process into one call 

* Can poll a job (currently hard coded at two seconds)

* Can download when a job is done (ie, poll until done, then save)


You can find the source here: https://github.com/cfjedimaster/document-services-demos/tree/main/serviceswrapper


I'm only "officially" supporting Extract, but I've got a few other endpoints in there as well that I want to change the method signature on a bit. 


Here's a full example where I call Extract on a PDF and read the JSON:


const ServicesWrapper = require('./ServicesWrapper');

let sw = new ServicesWrapper(process.env.CLIENTID, process.env.CLIENTSECRET);

(async () => {
	let filePath = '../source_pdfs/schoolcalendar.pdf';
	let mediaType = 'application/pdf';

	let asset = await sw.upload(filePath, mediaType);
	console.log('PDF uploaded');

	let job = await sw.createExtractJob(asset);
	console.log('Extract job started.');

	let result = await sw.pollJob(job);
	console.log('Job done');

	One example, download the json, or you can download the zip at result.resource.downloadUri...
	await sw.downloadFile(result.content.downloadUri, './extract.json');
	But instead, let's just fetch the json direct.
	let jsonReq = await fetch(result.content.downloadUri);
	let json = await jsonReq.json();
	console.log(JSON.stringify(json.extended_metadata, null, '\t'));

PDF Extract API , PDF Services API , REST APIs






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