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May 15, 2020 May 15, 2020

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I have been using these two programs together for years.  Our price sheet is based on the fact that Acrobat can export excell spreadsheets.  Soemthing has gone amiss for a while as Acrobat would export but it would only recognize ONE picture.  That problem has been resolved.  But now when I export a PDF for a quote it refuses to acknowlege my page breaks in excel.  I insert the page break I go to page break preview and I print the 2 page qoute out and Acrobat refuses to go by the page break.  

I need Acrobat to acknowlege where my page breaks are at so my PDF exports look right and are legiable.  I can not have the header for the excell spreadsheet that belongs on page 2 landing on the end of page one. When I add cells to the speadsheet thinking it will push the header down to the next page it will not work. When I add enough cells on the end of page one to push the header down that belongs on page two It finally does push that header down to page two but then its lands half way down on page two.  Soemthing is going very wrong with the way excel and Adobe work together.  They are not working well together as they so beutifuly have for a long time.   No matter what I do to this spreadsheet I can not make that header on page two land where it is supposed to land. When I print I select my print area then when I print the dialog box comes up I choose the selection and then I choose fit to page width.   So can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong or if our business plan should change and we should stop using acrobat to export our excel qoutes. ?  

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