Acrobat.exe cannot run two process simultaneously, one with elevation and one without it.

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Mar 12, 2021 Mar 12, 2021

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Hi All,

Title may sound confusing, so please allow me to elaborate it.

When I am opening a .pdf file in Acrobat.exe (which is running as an admin- elevated process) another .pdf file does not open if Acrobat.exe is running as non-admin. 

In task manager, I can see two processes one with Elevation and another as Non-elevated but non-elevated process does not open the .pdf file. It just sits there. 

Now when I close the elevated .pdf file and open another .pdf file as non-admin. Both of the PDFs open. As if last pdf was sitting in pipeline waiting to be opened up.

Already tried toggling Protected View and Enhanced Security with no effect.

As an IT Admin, I have received this use-case which is a requirement of the customer.  Is it possible to achive this.

Version : Adobe Acrobat XI - 11.0.23




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