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Jan 30, 2021 Jan 30, 2021

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I am creating several business card templates, such that you can replace the generic template information with your name, business, website, and so on. Although it's good enough to put your twitter handle in a text field and say "Follow me on Twitter!" or Instagram or any platform, it's very wordy, and is visually better to just put the logo of that particular social media site with the profile handle next to it. People can make the connection that beside the Twitter logo is their Twitter handle, for example.


The problem of course is that not all clients use the same social media platforms. Some might use Instagram and Facebook, while another might only use Twitter. I can of course slap these icons in the card in Illustrator, but I'd much rather take care of it all in the PDF template if possible using Forms.


I have already used buttons extensively in my templates to insert logos. The button is pressed, and a dialog box appears asking you to select your image. Then the image is inserted in the button. I'd like to do something similar for the icons, but of course the client isn't going to have a dozen or so social media icons saved on their computer, and even if they browsed the web to download one, it's unlikely they'd pick a good-quality image.

Is it possible to create a button or series of buttons that can cycle through the various images, like a mini slideshow? I thought maybe I could embed the social media icons in the PDF and then select them somehow from the Attachments pane, but that doesn't seem possible. Is there any way to achieve this effect to make it as hassle-free as possible for the clients using this template?

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