Arobat vs Acrobat Reader problem on a machine with two user accounts

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Feb 07, 2021 Feb 07, 2021

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Hello! I am having a nasty problem. I have a full Adobe Creative Suite, including Arobat, which I am using on my two computers, a notebook and a desktop PC. On the desktop PC, there are two Windows user accounts: mine and my husband's. I am using the Adobe Suite on my account and my husband, again until recently, has been happily using simple free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print PDF files.


A couple of days ago, my husband told me he was not able to open PDF files any more: Suddenly, he got a prompt to "sign in to his Adobe account, as he apparently has the paid version of Acrobat". I understand that the Adobe Suite gets installed to all Windows user accounts on a machine (no option to install on just one account), so the system was asking us to log in to my Adobe account and use the paid thing, but we didn't want to do that – my husband was perfectly happy with using just Acrobat Reader.


Obviously, the first thing I did was to check the PDF file association and set the Reader as the default program to open PDF files on my husband's account, but it didn't help. The system was still trying to open any PDF file in Acrobat Pro and asking for sign-in, totally ignoring any set file associations. 


Then I concluded that if Adobe considers two Windows user accounts to be one machine (installing Adobe stuff to all user accounts without choice), I simply have to log in to Adobe on all user accounts, too. So I did that and I got a notification: "You are now logged in to your Adobe account on more than two machines – you need to log out somewhere!"


So, in other words, Adobe sometimes considers two user accounts in one computer as one machine, sometimes as two machines – as it happens to fit them best. Which is pretty unfair. What is worse, the Adobe system deliberately overruns set file associations, making it impossible to use Acrobat Reader on one Windows user account and Acrobat Pro on another. It is stupid and trying to solve it already took like two hours of my precious time, to no avail. How do I solve it???

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