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Mar 31, 2021 Mar 31, 2021

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We have 600 pdf files that we need to add Bates numbering to. All of the pdfs are a total of 15323 pages and all of the files are in numeric order, so I have gone into Bates Numbering, added all of the pdf files, went to Page Numbering & Date Format section, selected the page number format and the start page number. In the right footer text box it reads - <<1 of n>>. I hit Okay and it starts. When finished, I go to check the files, but all it did was number each file - 1 of 10 - next pdf - 1 of 23 - next pdf - 1 of 43,....


I want the number to be 000001 of 15323 - 000002 of 15323 - 000003 of 15323 -... then the next pdf - 11 of 15323 - 000012 of 15323 -.... Not to restart a count. I just want them numbered together.


Any ideas or help?




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