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Jan 20, 2021 Jan 20, 2021

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Not sure if that is the rigth title for this.. but is something like what I need to do, but I'm completely new on this and have low knowledge on JS, so I hope you can help..  this is the matter.. 

I have the following form (also attached)


And what I need is..  On the values for "dias a disfrutar" which are 3 boxes.. be related to the checkbox above of "Dias de vacaciones" So, if I checked the option "15 días" I need that the boxes of "dias a disfrutar"doesn't allowme to input more than 15 days.. and if I select "18 dias" let me put no more than the 18 and so the same for 21..  I have no idea where to put the code or how to code it.. I saw a few topics in the group and found some codes related but nothing that I can use.. So I collected something like the code below.. but I'm not sure if I can use or not or how to use it LOL!


var diasDeVacacionesJunior = 15;

var diasDeVacacionesSenior = 18;

var diasDeVacacionesEjecutivo = 21;

var diasAcumulados = 0;​​​​​

var diasADisfrutar1 = "input field";

var diasADisfrutar2 = "input field;

var diasADisfrutar3 = "input field";


if ( diasAcumulados + diasADisfrutar.value >  diasDeVacacionesJunior) {​​​​​

event.value = 0;

// Show a message that's not possible

return false;

}​​​​​ else {​​​​​

// Let it move forward

diasAcumulados += event.value;

return true;



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