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Apr 28, 2021 Apr 28, 2021

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A little background - I work for a financial insitution. I am trying to make it so the employee who is filling out the Account Card cannot automatically check the box that one of our Membership Officers reviewed the account - if they do it will fill in their name. The membership officer will then go in to that doucment and check the box that they are approving it - and their name will prefill. Once they check that Application Approved by box we want to have the date checkbox marked, and the date entered as well. I did figure all that out.


Our name fields pre-fill based on the mapping from our system. Is there a way to have that membership officer name field be hidden, and also not pull in the mapping on that field until the box is checked?


I have the following entered in to checkbox 35  - actions - run a javascript:

if ( event.target.isBoxChecked(0)) {
this.getField("GLOBAL__USER_FIRST_SPACE_MIDDLE_SPACE_LAST_SPACE_SUFFIX ").display = display.visible;
this.getField("37").display = display.visible;
this.getField("CU_DATE").display = display.visible;
} else {
this.getField("GLOBAL__USER_FIRST_SPACE_MIDDLE_SPACE_LAST_SPACE_SUFFIX ").display = display.hidden;
this.getField("37").display = display.hidden;
this.getField("CU_DATE").display = display.hidden;


this.getField("CU_DATE").value = util.printd ("m/d/yyyy", new Date());

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