Out of memory error using Acrobat Pro DC, URL's take forever to open

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Sep 10, 2020

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I’m having some difficulty opening PDF’s exported from InDesign using Acrobat Pro DC.


PC specs I think are relevant:
Windows 10 Pro, latest updates
All hardware drivers are up to date
Intel i7 8700k @ 4.8Ghz
>1.5TB free on my primary work drive
Scratch disk on an SSD


What I’ve tried:

  • Forced system to use all available RAM trick
  • Uninstall / reinstall / reboot / checked for updates method
  • Tried disabling the enhanced security trick for testing purposes
  • Tried repairing installation
  • Changed scratch disk location


Errors I’m encountering:
To preface, I have no trouble with my large format designs using 30,000 x 20,000 pixel source material when exporting signs at 4x8 or 8x4 feet. Anything over 10*x10* feet and I’m getting out of memory errors upon opening PDFs. URL’s also seem to take 1½ minutes to open every time I click a link where previous versions of Acrobat didn’t have this issue.

  • I thought this might be a limitation of file size when using DC as the export engine, but reducing file size by sacrificing image quality resulted in the same out of memory error.
  • Opening large files from projects in past years (greater than 200MB using Acrobat X) opens fine
  • Uninstalling DC and installing X seems to fix the issue, but I can’t use this a permanent solution as my CC account is tied to work, and the older CS6 suite I have is my own (I don’t see an option to install an older version under my subscription even with the ‘show older apps’ option enabled).


Thanks in advance for any suggested solutions.

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