Pasting the copied annotation is now much easier in Acrobat.

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Sep 02, 2020

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What has changed? If you copy a form field, link, or any other annotation and paste it on another page or document, the copied annotation gets placed at the same location as the copied annotation on the new page. If an annotation is already present at the location, then the copied annotation is pasted in the center of the page.


Let’s understand this with an example:-


If you copy a hyperlink present in the footer of a page and paste it on a new page, the hyperlink gets pasted to the footer section of the new page too. It is especially useful in the scenarios where you need to copy and paste on construction drawing sets, PDF form fields, and more. 




New behavior - Form field placed at the same location when copy and paste on a different page 





Old behavior - Form field placed at the center of the page when copy and paste on a different page



In Addition to that:


  • Increased precision of the placement of form fields and other elements in a PDF form:

The precision to place form fields and other form elements in a PDF form is now increased from two decimal points to 10,000th of an inch. This helps place the form fields accurately at the desired location without having to recreate the form otherwise.




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