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Aug 13, 2020

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This issue has been raised several times, since at least 2016, and every time it's raised the professionals respond either by answering a different question, or by saying "You must block fields" (!) or simply by saying "No, that's not possible". 


So please allow me to take time of of my day to encourage Adobe to make it possible again (like it once was) to receive a PDF by email, sign it and then send it back by email, without any unnecessary time wasting steps.  Here's the preferred process using a Word document as an example:

1 - Email the Word document to the busy person who needs to sign it

2 - Busy person opens the email, clicks 'Forward' and fills in the 'To:' field 

3 - They then open the Word attachment, add text (sign it), close it, answer 'Yes' to the 'Save it?' prompt and then click Send

That's it. 3 steps. Done. Easy. No unnecessary saved copies, jus tthe original unsigned document in their Inbox and the signed version in their Sent box.

Now allow me to demonstrate the process Adobe forces us to use, using a PDF document instead of a Word document:

1 - Email the PDF document to the busy person who needs to sign it

2 - Busy person opens email, clicks 'Forward' and fills in the 'To:' field 

3 - They then open the attachment, sign it, close it (the signing process closes) then they close it again

4 - They are prompted to 'Save it?' - they answer 'Yes'

5 - They are now sent to the 'Save As' window and they have to select a location outside the email to save the signed document in (they don't want to do this and shouldn't need to do this but Adobe unnecessarily forces them to do it) - they choose a location and click the 'Save' button, and Adobe now closes 

6 - The busy person is now looking at their new email with the unsigned original attachment, so their next step is to remove the unsigned attachment 

7 - Now they click the 'Attach File' button and choose the most recent file at the top of the list (usually this is the document they have just signed and 'Saved As...' and at last they can 'Send')  


See!  What was a simple 3-step process is now an unnecessarily long 7-step process.  Why?  Signing a document that's emailed to you should be one of the simplest processes that Adobe could facilitate.  


Thank you for reading.


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