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Feb 18, 2021 Feb 18, 2021

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I am redacting a 500 page document of emails for legal reasons.  After redacting page 3 and 5, Adobe automatically redacts the email signatures found on those pages on EVERY page in the documents.  This is wrong.  Only page 3 and 5 need redaction....the rest must stay visible.  Here are the solutions I have tried and that did not work:

1) Background removal.  I removed all backgrounds (there weren't any).  

2) Resaving the file as an adobe PDF.

3) Flattening the file.  I actually did most items under Advanced Optimization, saved, and redacted.  Still over redacts. 


Now--if the issue was only two pages--I would just print, redact with a sharpie, and rescan.  However, I need to redact over 25% of the file, and this issue is causing a lot of information that needs to be showing to be redacted.


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