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Feb 17, 2021 Feb 17, 2021

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I just went round-and-round with Adobe support on an issue that seems larger than it should be: Software Validation.


I'm sure you all know, if the product subscription (in my case Acrobat DC Pro) logs you out, you cannot use the product without logging back in. This is understandable, however, if you happen lose internet connection within the time you're logged out, then you're completely blocked from your subscription and unable to log back in for the entire time you are without internet. In my case, our ISP had a major outage that lasted 3+ days which crippled my work for the entire time.


According to Adobe: "Continuous and classic versions of Acrobat DC must connect to the Internet the first time you install and license desktop apps. Classic versions can then be used in an offline mode with a valid software license. Continuous software attempt to validate your software license every 30 days. You receive a reminder to reconnect to the Internet to validate your license after the 30 day period has expired. Individual Acrobat DC annual subscriptions (continuous version) allow you to remain offline for an extended period if the Internet is unavailable for up to 99 days." (


I could be off here, but what this tells me is that the product subscription talks to the Adobe servers on a monthly basis. From what I have seen of my Acrobat DC software, it appears to actually log me out and requires I log back in to "talk to the Adobe servers". As a developer myself, I see this as pedantic behavior from any software. There are better ways to set up your software to communicate with your servers. Forcing your user's software to log them out is poor management. AutoCAD is one example of superior software communications. During the same 3+ day internet outage, I was able to work with AutoCAD seamlessly for the entire outage...with the exception of being able to create PDFs.


My Suggestion to your Dev Team: Rather than checking for the license once per month, would it not be best for Acrobat to check or verify the license each time the app is logged in, and then set THAT date as the "LastVerified" date? Then give 30 days from that date.

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