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Apr 14, 2021 Apr 14, 2021

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Hi all
Thank you for letting me join.
I have a problem in that some pdfs I have created are not reading in the correct order on NVDA or reader.
I have made a lot of pdfs interactive/accessible with no problems at all when it comes to reading with NVDA. It is part of my job and been doing for 2 years.
However, although tagged perfectly, I am having a problem with one that just doesn't read the tags. It reads some parts that are tagged individually as one long part, some bits not at all, joins a text tag and form field together and calls the while thing a graphic. The worst bit is the second page is read out like it was a table! There are no tables or table tags in the document at all!

In reader it is reading out images that have text in them, which are in artifact tags, as normal, and don't usually read out. Thesevare on every paper I make accessible and nothing has changed in formatting/tagging them.
The down arrow just takes you on to somewhere it is not supposed to everything.
There are no empty containers in Content, the reading order is correct, the tags are nested properly.
Please can you help?

Oh one last thing. This worked/read out perfectly when it was made back in 2019 but now no longer does.

I tried another I had made in March which read perfectly at the time and now no longer does.

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