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Mar 02, 2021 Mar 02, 2021

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I am a college engineering educator teaching remotely, and I am grading quizzes on PDF in Acrobat.  These are documents that students have scanned of their handwritten mathematical calculations and I am using my surface pro and pen to write on the PDF.  When I have to go erase it takes FOREVER to get rid of even a single letter.  It feels tactile like erasing those old "erasable ink" pens.  I have to rub over and over, then lift op to see what little bits of ink are left behind, and repeat this three or four times before it is comepletely cleared away.  Trying to select what I want to get rid of with a mouse and hitting delete results in ALL my annotations diappearing. The attached pic is what is left over after 4 repetitions of trying to "erase" (note highlight added with snipping tool)

 I have used other PDF products such as Bluebean that don't have this problem.  How can I make Adobe work for me? Does anyone have guidance on how to make the erasing process more efficient? 

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