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Feb 18, 2021 Feb 18, 2021

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Hi there, 

this is a problem which occeurd after an update - long long time ago (at least 6 month). I ignored it, because I thought it will we solved soon - but this never happened.

Here is the issue:

When I'm saving a document the saving window pops up above the document, blocks it and is not moveable when open.


This is very annoying for me as I am working in accounting and I am saving A LOT of invoices. The name of the invoices consists of the number and the company's name. The saving window blocks my view to these information. It is really time consuming to write these information down (copying is not always possible) beforehand to be able to safe a simple document properly.  


Before the update, I could comfortably move the saving window to my second screen or alter it in size. This made it easy to me to transcribe information. 


Please look into this issue! 

Thank you! 

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