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Quality of images poor using convert to PDF using the document cloud service

New Here ,
Aug 14, 2017 Aug 14, 2017

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Hi All,

I have a technical document produced in Office 365 Word with high quality images with it.

Using word to either save as PDF then selecting best for printing, or print as PDF for adobe, then selecting High Quality Print, I can create an document that has the required image quality. However, this method does NOT preserve the TOC and links.

If I use the Adobe Tab within word it will work by uploading the file to the Adobe Document Cloud Service then there it converts to a PDF with the TOC and links preserved, then download it back to Acrobat Pro DC. However the quality of the images is the same as for converting in word using the standard setting. This is completely unacceptable for this technical document.

Is there a way to increase the quality of the convert in the cloud service or is the Adobe Document Cloud Service only able to convert at this lower quality?

When I upload the docx file to the Document Cloud it arrives at 20mb. After converting it PDF using the Document Cloud, it always reduces it to about 3.3mb, exactly the same as for using the Adobe Tab in Word. The other method in word that produces the required quality saves the PDF also around 20mb, so I know it can be done and the images in the word document are of the required resolution.

Obviously I can convert in word at the higher quality and then add bookmarks and links in Acrobat Pro DC afterwards, but this is time consuming and unhelpful as the document is evolving.

Any advice would be helpful, including if it can't be done as I have spend days trying to sort this issue out.

Kind regards.







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