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Checked boxes issues when sending esignature myriad other problems

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Jan 15, 2024 Jan 15, 2024

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I apologize, this is my fourth post about my issue.  I don't mean to sound discourteous, but this is a time sensitive problem for me.


I currently have a fillable form contract that I was able to create with this software.  After months trying to learn and understand javascript and basic Adobe software, with help especially from these forums, I thought I had the document perfected.  I was mistaken.  Completely out of the blue, I am encountering problems with required checked boxes when sending for e-signature.  The original checked box does not show up as checked when printing or sending the document.  Also when sending for e-signature directly to the client it will blot out the original checked box and now require the user to check the remaining box in addition to the their signature line.  Also, any optional check boxes do not show up as checked either.  I have removed the 'Required' contingency from the form and while it will no longer adds unrequested additional required fields to the form when sent for e-signature, it STILL does not show up as having been checked. 


I have included a copy of the contract for you to peruse and pictures of what the user receives when sending out for e-signatures. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.  I tried switching to radio buttons by suggestion of the software which didn't work either.  The radio button would be nice if once you checked it, it wasn't rendered permanently checked leaving the user stuck with that choice and the only way you can uncheck it is to have this software and copy the button, delete the checked button and replace it with the copy of the button you just made.  


I don't understand why it was working fine and suddenly it doesn't.  It caused me problems with my boss because some contracts went out with this glitch and as she said 'It made us look incompetent.' when the user had trouble.  Also, I have been posting to these forums for over a week now and haven't received a response that would allow us to move forward.  Now, my boss is even more disenchanted and frustrated with this and, of course, me.  Please let me know what I can do.


I appreciate your time, patience and am grateful for any solution.



Adobe Sign forms , Send documents , User interface issues






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