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Conditional Fields - Acrobat to Sign

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Apr 22, 2021 Apr 22, 2021

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We are currently transitioning to Adobe Sign from a "Prepare Form" form made in Acrobat. The basics transitioned over ok, but there are numerous small problems that I cannot find an answer to via Google (most results just refer me to Sign or Acrobat's innate functionality).


Frankly, I had expected everything to be interoperable (e.g. functionality remained the same between Acrobat & Sign), or at least have the ability to setup a form outside of Sign.


I have converted the "Acrobat Form" to an "Adobe Sign Form".


1 - How can I setup Sign "Conditions" (accessible when you upload into Sign) using Prepare Forms?

2 - How do I get the dropdown date field from Acrobat to work as a dropdown date field in Sign?

3 - How do I assign Signer 1, 2, 3 etc as groups within the Acrobat document, so I dont have to set them up every single time, and (keep them in the same order)?

4 - Does anyone have a document explaining the interactions between Acrobat and Sign? 

5 - How do I get signatures to look like Acrobat's layout (Signature, then "Digitally signed by xyz Date abc), as the Sign signature block takes up 5% of the page?

Adobe Sign forms , Manage documents , User interface issues






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