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Enable or Disable the signature types for the signer as per the requirement of the document

New Here ,
Mar 04, 2021 Mar 04, 2021

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As stated in the post below signature types can be enabed or disabled for documents. However, this is not true for individual users or documents, only applicable on a company-wide basis for someone with administrative access. Non-administrators need the ability to disable signature types for individual documents. This is essential in banking industry where signature cards must be written not typed, but most other documents can use typed signatures. Can this capability be enabled at the individual user level?



Easily select the type of signature for the signer as per the requirement of the document



Adobe Employee , 
Nov 25, 2020

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Enable or Disable the signature types for the signer as per the signature requirement of the document in Adobe Sign


When sending a document for signature via Adobe Sign, you may enable and disable the signature type as per your requirement. The signer will be able to use only the enabled signature options to sign a document.  


In Adobe Sign, go to Account > Account Settings > Signature Preferences. Check the box for the type of signature options you wish to enable for the signer. You can check all or as per the requirement. The signer will get only those options to sign that was enabled under the signature preferences.  

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